A Fresh Start

Hello! I am Kim Buehler, Richmond native, long time foodie and multiple Ironman finisher. After becoming more health conscious training for my first Ironman several years ago, I discovered a lack of healthy eating options in the Richmond area, specifically on Southside. After completing a few culinary programs at the University of Richmond and having my fill of Ironman training, I decided I needed to change this. I began looking into different ways to bring fresh, made from scratch, health conscious food to Southside and found the answer when I discovered Great Harvest Bread Co.

If you have never experienced the Great Harvest difference, you are in for a treat!  The Midlothian Great Harvest Bread Co Bakery & Cafe was founded on an established model that goes back to the 1970's when Pete and Laura Wakeman took their amazing scratch-made whole grain bread and started a bakery. Today, you can find locally owned Great Harvest Bread Co bakeries all over the country, each with their own unique feel and menu. Although every Great Harvest Bread Co may look and feel different, we all still believe in purchasing wheat from family-owned farms in Montana and fresh-milling our 100% whole-wheat flour every day. 

We take that freshly milled flour and turn it into the most phenomenal bread around. Our old-fashioned bakery specializes in scratch-made breads, goodies, and fresh-made sandwiches using pure and simple ingredients. Our wholesome, fresh from the cafe sandwiches are layered with premium, nutritous ingredients including high quality meat, homemade, gourmet-style spreads, fresh vegetables, and are served on the freshest, most flavorful bread.  

At Great Harvest, we love sharing great food with great people, and we want to personally invite you to stop by the bakery to enjoy a FREE slice, fresh from the oven. We look forward to seeing you and having you experience fresh, made from scratch, whole grain products like you've never tasted before!

Great Harvest Bread of Midlothian